If you understand the 1% rule – that 90% of your audience are “lurkers” – they consume but they don’t participate, then you can start to explore how you can make it “safe” for them to step out and participate.

Another terrific turnout for the second webinar in our series!  Thanks to everyone for the participation and interest.

Nick Kellet, who has done a lot of thinking around this subject, provided some terrific insights by way of “laws”, and here is the video from the webinar:

One of the ideas that I loved was this: “Marketers create value long before you get the lead.” Coupled with the first webinar, “No Such Thing As Social Media?,” and designing your content strategy to address both social networks and media platforms, the body of work that you create reaps benefits that will be unknown to you, but will keep reaping rewards long after you’ve posted that content.

So, how do you get a “lurker” to participate? Ask yourself, what would it take for you to participate? or when do you participate? What are the conditions that make it comfortable for you?

Here are some of the ways you could play with being:

  • Be curious
  • Be Enticing
  • Be friendly
  • Be helpful
  • Be intriguing
  • Be Supportive

And here are some aspects to check yourself on:

  • Are you trying to be perfect?
  • Are you too intellectual?
  • Do you have to be the “expert” with all the answers?

Because when you can just be human, as others are with you, an opportunity for engagement opens up. If you’re committed to turning lurkers into leads, you’ll become a master at the first list, and banish the items on the second.