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Deliverability and Engagement of Your Emails: Treat the cause, not the symptom

A new potential client contacted us to discuss deliverability of their email transmissions; they wanted us to figure out if we could help them get more of their emails to the inbox. Of course, we were happy to explore this – and with new customers, we begin by asking a lot of questions to get an overall perspective of their methods.

Supercharge Email ROI – More Than Best Practices

Did you know that email has one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing tactic?  But most people don’t have the metrics to allow them to capitalize on what’s important with email today:  Metrics that go beyond the click.  If you cannot get engagement, you won’t get results with email going forward – and 20% opens are not going to cut it.

How Prospects Know a Robot Sent Them an Email - and How Not to Look Like a Robot

Robots sending email

So many emails landing in inboxes all over the world. Your prospects are getting their fair share of the giant heaps of information being bandied about, and it's important that your email stands out - for all the right reasons.

Just for fun, we've compiled a list of some of the wrong reasons why emails might stand out, along with a few helpful tips of how to overcome these challenges. Did we miss any? Leave a comment and let us know your email pet peeves!

Social Community Building or Email List Building: Which has higher value?

social media or email lists?As social media gets more mature as an industry, and brands have sunk big social media budgets into building presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ (not to mention the likes of YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram), the nature of how businesses will be able to engage on those platforms is shifting.   Your social channel strategy may need some major revisions.

Factors to Ensure Email Open Success

Stay Out of SPAM Email ThumnailThis blog post discusses the factors that most effect your marketing email success.  Learn more about the factors you can control to improve your email marketing including subject line messaging, subject line characters and strucutre,along with images and attachments.

Stop Guessing and Start Engaging with Targeted Email Marketing

Comprehensive Email Tracking 150Information is everything in today’s marketing world.  Knowing where leads can be found and knowing what attracts eyes is key to the game.  The collection of measurable meaningful metrics as a path to gaining insight is essential for future marketing success.

Behavioral Segmentation is Essential for Successful Email Marketing

Success of email segmenting small imageAccording to Experian’s 2012 Benchmark and Trend Report, despite the fact that targeted email messages receive a 40% increase in open rates, 80% of marketers are still sending the same message to their entire mailing list.  To us here at Genoo, this seems crazy.  If you are sending emails to more than 3 people, you can assume your subscribers are not all motivated by the same message.  Follow along as we walk through an example of improving your email marketing through segmentation.

Research Shows Your 'Batch-and-Blast' Email Marketing Is NOT Effective

batch and blast email is not working 150While email campaigns are one of the most effective means of connecting with your audience, the techniques and best practices associated with email marketing are quickly advancing.  Developing campaigns based on targeted messages that produce measurable results is important for your future success.

What device accounts for most email opens?

From an email perspective, mobile cannot be denied.  More and more people are opening and engaging with email from their mobile devices.  A recent article in Direct Marketing News reveals results of a study that shows in the mobile realm, iPhone accounts for 38% of email opens, while Android, with a far larger user base, only accounts for 9.3% of opens.  What does this mean for the way we design emails?

Does Responsive Email Really Work?

Responsive Design weaves the marketing and customer experience together. So that is why we tested responsive email design and researched how it works (and doesn't) across email clients. Find out what we learned!  Create better campaigns when you understand the facts around responsive email.


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