SalesView CRM for SMB Sales Teams

CRM Built for SMB Sales People!

Finally, there's an integrated solution for the SMB market that bridges the Sales and Marketing divide by leveraging the data seamlessly across your marketing and sales efforts!

With SalesView you have:

  • Marketing to Sales Lead Pipeline -- allows sales teams to focus on the warmest leads first.
  • Lead Quicksearch -- Find a person within 10 seconds or less!
  • Notes & Attachments -- Easily add notes and/or attachments to your lead's profile.
  • Activities -- Create activities and add them to your calendar.
  • Manage Opportunities -- Create and track the opportunities you uncover.
  • Email -- Create and send personal emails, and attach any email communication with the lead to their record within SalesView.
  • Nurturing Sequences -- Move leads into nurturing sequences that will continue to keep you top of mind as you work with them through their buying process.
  • Access Rich Lead Information -- SalesView provides you real-time access to valuable information on each lead's behavior and interests, to engage and close deals faster.
  • "At-a-glance" Scoreboard -- Understand where you are at any moment!  How many marketing qualified leads, sales accepted leads, sales qualified leads, and opportunities won or lost at a glance.

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"SalesView with it's integrated marketing database takes the place of at least two database analysts! After working with CRM systems for years, from Telemagic to Marketforce, and Saleforce, the capability available in SalesView is just what our small sales team needs! It's incredible!"
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