Genoo Plugin For WordPress

Combine the flexibility of WordPress with the power of Genoo and experience amazing results!

The Genoo Plugin for WordPress has been crafted to address one of the most important challenges with WordPress sites - creating an easy way to engage site visitors, capture their contact information, and continue to engage them with relevant content based on their interests. 

With the Genoo plugin installed, customers using WordPress as their website platform can now:

  • Track all visitor activity and record it into the lead's Activity screen inside Genoo
  • Automate emails based on site visitor actions
  • Create content-relevant and buyer-stage calls-to-action (CTAs) and insert them on pages, into posts, or in sidebars - wherever they make the most sense based on your content
  • CTAs can be images that change on mouse-over, or HTML buttons - your choice
  • Integrate WordPress user levels with Genoo Lead Types - automatically - and then use Smart Rules to create deeper engagement
  • Understand your approved commenters and add them to your lead database automatically
  • Create and manage forms inside Genoo and present them in your WordPress site using a Genoo form theme or your site's CSS - use for calls-to-action, event registrations, and more - as popups or full forms -and the forms are responsive, too
  • Form submissions on WordPress automatically create or update Genoo lead records - trigger automatic emails, nurturing sequences, or a variety of other activities

With the Genoo Plugin for WordPress, your site will engage visitors, entice them to provide their contact information, and increase your audience - which means, ultimately, that you will increase your sales! Schedule a demo now.

To download the Genoo Plugin for WordPress, visit or search for "Genoo" from your WordPress Plugins screen (Add New). To obtain the Genoo WordPress Plugin user guide, visit Help/Support from your Genoo Admin Screen.

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—"With Genoo, you can go so much deeper with the metrics and understanding about what’s happening, and that provides HUGE value and advantage in what we’ve been able to accomplish."
Ron Weist
Director of Continuing Education Enrollment
Pierpont Community & Technical College 

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