What's Wrong with That Website?

Is your website a catalyst for communication? A conversation-starter? An engagement engine for your business? Or is it simply a presentation of your business's qualifications, expertise,and knowledge. There's something fundamentally wrong with most websites, and we're drilling into that today. Read on...

Can You Email Your Way Out of a Sales Slump?

The temptation to send emails to the entire list with special deals, sale prices, or incentive gifts is a temptation that must be resisted. There's a better way to get out of a sales slump, and there's a better way to smooth out sales slumps so they aren't so "slumpy." Read on... I'll explain.

Here's My Stuff. Buy My Stuff.

Do the people who buy your products or services feel connected to their potential vendors or partners when the only communication they ever receive is "here's my stuff; buy my stuff"? How connected do YOU feel when you get those types of emails from places trying to get your business? Right? Let's pull this apart a bit and see what goes wrong and what COULD go right.

New Lead - Yeah! Now What?

Getting a new lead is cause for celebration. Maybe this person will become a customer! Yes! Or... maybe they won't. What do you do with new leads? How do you treat them? How do you ENGAGE them? What is your best next step? Keep reading, and let me give you some ideas.

If Content is King, What's the Strategy?

Why is content so important? "I've got a Contact Us button on every page of my website, and that's all I need, right?" Nope. "I've got a blog with a Subscribe button on it. That's enough, right?" Nope, again. What's in that blog? What content is on your website? How are you engaging the people you want as your customers - before they are ready to buy? Here are four big tips about content. Keep reading.

Personal Emails or Performing Emails - Pick TWO

How we write emails has a huge impact on the performance of our emails. Our best results come from when we write as though we are writing to one person, even though we're delivering that email to many people. Bonus - personal emails are so much easier to write! As one of our customers has said, "it feels like I am writing to a friend." But... it's more than the content. Read on. 

Presentation Emails or Performing Emails - Pick One

What's the most important thing your email marketing can do for you? What's the one single thing that you want to track and measure and manage in your email marketing? If you're sitting there saying "sales," you are completely correct - but perhaps not in the way that you think. 

Pretty Emails or Performing Emails - Pick One

Beautiful, gorgeous, graphic-filled emails - so hard to let go, isn't it? So many marketers think the way to get attention with their emails is to have them designed. Here's the thing about those gorgeous emails - they don't perform like you want them to perform. Let's talk about what's really going on.

Getting Off the Time-for-Money Treadmill

If you're a consultant, a coach, a software company, or offering professional services, you could potentially benefit from hearing the path we've started down to add more value for our customers. I don't often share stores about how we do things inside Genoo, but this particular story could inspire you. Read on, or watch.

Complacency is the Enemy of Success

Success today doesn't mean success tomorrow. You've heard the definition of insanity before (doing the same thing we've always done and expecting different results), and it's true. It's all more than that. Doing the same thing we've always done and expecting it to always work is equally unrealistic, given the pace of change and access to information we have today. 


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