Marketing Automation For SMB

All the Quality and Features You Expect and More!

Lead Generation & Lead Management

Centralized Lead Database

Unlimited # Leads - You choose the Email plan that works best for your needs. Keeping leads in a centralized lead database allows you to track comprehensively across marketing campaigns and site visits - the automated system gives you more information to help tailor your marketing and give your leads exactly what they want. Seems simple, but it's HUGE for the results you can get.

Landing Pages

When creating pages at your site requires waiting for your IT group or a web dev techie, we put the control where it should be -- timing is in your hands, so you can easily create the landing pages your marketing efforts require -- Fast! There's no limit, or up-charge for traffic. Bring it on!

Microsites/Websites/Landing Pages

Unlimited # Pages & Traffic -- A full-featured Content Management System that includes full SEO and Social Sharing and follow capabilities built right in.

WordPress Plugin

Combine the flexibility of WordPress with the power of Genoo and experience amazing results! The Genoo Plugin for WordPress has been crafted to address one of the most important challenges with WordPress sites - creating an easy way to engage site visitors, capture their contact information, and continue to engage them with relevant content based on their interests.


Publish a blog easily. Subscribers and commenters are added to your lead database for tracking and inclusion in marketing campaigns. All on-page SEO factors important for Google's Panda updates, including Google Authorship support. Engage your target audience and keep them interested.

Lead Capture Forms

Create lead capture forms that get results, host them on Genoo Microsite pages, WordPress, or wherever you host your site. Choose pre-filled option to reduce friction and progressively capture more information about your leads.

GoTo Webinar Integration

Genoo is integrated with GoToWebinar. Create custom landing pages for webinar registrations, send auto-triggered emails to webinar registrants, those who attended, and those who didn't attend. The leads are automatically stored in your lead database.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your lead record, so you can store exactly what you need to about your leads!

Lead Segmenting

Unlike most lead capture mechanisms, that place all leads into one big list, Genoo makes it easy to segment your leads however you need to -- which easily translates into how you communicate with them and the information you offer. No more one-size-fits-all messages because you'll know what leads messages are interested in receiving.

Smart Rules - for automating actions

Add sanity and endless possibilities while increasing effectiveness. Trigger actions based on a variety of behaviors, interests, expressions, and more! The power of Smart Rules puts Genoo in a class by itself!

Lead Activity Tracking

Unlimited Visits/Views - We track how your leads respond to your marketing, across microsites and external sites you've defined to your account. Understand exactly how your leads are engaging with your marketing efforts.

On-Page SEO

There's no special widget to install, it comes standard with our Microsite CMS. You control the Page Title, Meta Description, and Page URL, as well as all of your page content and headlines. It makes the basic on-page SEO tasks easy as pie.

Auto De-Duplication

Most systems don't handle deduplication, and you end up with the same leads over and over - as they get added to multiple lists in an Email Service Provider, for instance. We auto-dedupe based upon email adress, so you know that lead is only in your database one time. We'll even make it easy to find and merge potential duplicates who might be in your database with different email addresses.

Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing

Nurturing Sequences

Assemble your emails into a nurturing sequence you can trigger automatically based upon lead activity -- you set the frequency and triggers, and we take care of the rest! Ahhh...time to focus on those leads who are ready to close!

Automatic Campaign Assignment

Which leads should get which nurturing sequence? You decide by setting up triggers and assignment rules that identify which lead nurturing sequences are best for a given lead. That's automation that makes your job easier.

Email Marketing

With Genoo, you get the best of both worlds! Send lead nurturing emails, or conduct regular email marketing -- and you get to pick the email plan that works for you.

Social Media Sharing & Tracking

How well is social media working for your marketing efforts? With our social media sharing, tracking, and reporting, you can answer that question definitively -- like who's sharing? What traffic's being generated? And more importantly, how many leads are coming from those shares. Easily include social follow and social sharing links in your emails, on your microsite and landing pages. Not bad... and there's more on the way!

Lead Interest Profiles

We track everything leads do after they opt-in -- including website visits, downloads, email opens and click-throughs across all of your campaigns. And we store it in what we call, their "Interest Profile", so you can get the full scoop on any lead at any time.

Saved Search - Dynamically determine campaign recipients

Create and save parameters that are easy to retrieve and use as email recipients, so when you need them, they are current based upon up-to-the-minute information you've got on your leads. Then use the results for different activities, such as pushing across to your CRM, sending out emails, and more! Slice and dice, or as we like to say, target and serve.

Lead Import/Export

Import existing leads into Genoo with a comma-separated-values file (CSV). If you don't have CRM integration needs, then this is easy enough. Exporting leads works the same way.

Content, PDF, & Image Library

Our Content Library can house your images, your content and your PDF's so you don't have to worry about how to get that done. Plus, you can set up your Genoo account to use your own domain as well -- so your leads and prospects only deal with... YOU!

Flexible send scheduling

We send on your timeline. The date you want. The time you want. So we give you full control, with the ability to modify and change as you need to. Both with regular email marketing set on a recurring schedule, or with your lead nurturing sequences.

Opt-Out Tracking

We allow for full CAN-SPAM compliance. And that means making it easy for folks to opt-out of receiving your emails. We manage it automatically, to ensure that you don't send to them again. You can also export our opt-out (do not email) list if needed.

Auto Bounce Handling

When emails bounce, we handle it and keep your list clean. We mark those leads as bad emails, so they're still in your list, but you can manage what you want to do with them (either get a working email, remove them, export them to provide back to your list provider, or hold for now).

RSS Feeds in Emails

Have a newsletter you send on a regular basis? We make it easy to set up your newsletter, and populate it with an RSS feed, so all you have to do is create content and publish it to the RSS feed. Set the newsletter to send on a recurring schedule, and we'll automatically check to see whether there's any new content in the RSS feed based on the filters you've set. If there is, the email goes out. If not, it sets to check again based on the next send date. No fuss. No muss.

Customer Relationship Management

Genoo's SalesView CRM

SalesView is built right into Genoo and gives your small to midsize business sales team the tools needed to turn more sales-ready leads into customers. We've focused on ease of use for your sales staff - making it easy to find and record new information and access the rich activity data we capture on leads as they respond to your marketing. An easy to understand scoreboard keeps everyone in the know. Turning leads into customers has never been so easy... and so much fun! Integration

If you've got Professional or Enterprise, then you can integrate apps from their AppExchange -- and we've got one! It makes it easy for you to pull across your leads and contacts directly into your Genoo account, as well as push leads across automatically into based upon Lead to CRM triggers you establish, or a lead score threshhold that gets met. Your sales team can access the lead "Interest Profiles" for leads and contacts directly from the lead/contact interface, allowing your sales folks to understand the interests leads have when starting the sales conversation.

CRM Integrations via

Drag and Drop integrations with hundreds of applications, including Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Highrise, and twelve others! Or create integrations with Project Management applications and instantly push won opportunities into your project management tool for seamless pickup by your service delivery team. Want to pull sales from your eCommerce app and drop them into a nurturing sequence? No problem. Genoo can integrate with seven of the leading eCommerce vendors too. And that is barely scratching the surface!

Lead-to-CRM Triggers

You set them, based upon a download, or click through an email, the completion of a lead capture form, and those leads can be pushed across to your account, and update a campaign (and status for that campaign) in real-time.

CRM Lead Score Threshold Triggers

With lead scoring turned on, you can set a lead scoring threshhold that indicates a lead is likely to be sales-ready. We'll push the lead right over into Salesforce and even convert it to a contact if you say that's what you want.

Comprehensive Metrics

Full Campaign Reports & Metrics

Full metrics for email marketing campaigns - including opens, clickthroughs, single page and multi-page visits, as well as the opt-out information. Drill all the way down to specific leads.

Traffic, Conversion & Lead Tracking

Connect website traffic all the way to individual leads – something that the most popular website analytics program can’t do. With conversion point tracking, we’ll tell you, in a readily readable dashboard, where conversions are happening and at what rate. Want to know which leads converted? Easy – drill down to get the complete list. Know how your website is attracting customers; manage, monitor, and tweak to improve results.

Reachable vs. Engaged Leads

See at a glance what percentage of your leads are engaged with your sites, emails, and content. Monitor your bad emails and unsubscribes from the same screen. Track your organic and imported lead growth. The Leads Overview Dashboard tells you everything you want to know from a high level – and lets you drill down for more detailed information.

Most Responsive Leads

Across all of your campaigns, including site visits, who are your most responsive leads in your list? We can tell you.

Most Popular Downloads

Whether you ask for lead information or not, we can tell you which downloads are the most popular - at your Genoo-hosted sites, as well as externally hosted sites. That helps you understand the content that is adding value, so you can build on success.