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We know it's critical that you make the most out of your digital marketing campaigns.  That you not only generate the leads that will help you grow your customer base, you nurture them in ways that capture their attention, interest, and ultimately make earning their business easier.  We work to assemble webinars that help you do just that.  Along with our professional services organization, ContentZAP, we are committed to helping you squeeze the best results out of your online marketing efforts.  Check out our Upcoming Marketing Webinars at our ContentZAP site.

Creating Headlines That Work!

Did you know that headlines could make the difference between getting your emails read and having them ignored? And this problem isn’t only with email subject lines; it also applies to blog headlines, landing page headlines, as well as Facebook/Google ads, etc.

In our latest webinar, we unveil the secret behind captivating audiences with your headlines. This one-hour session proved to be engaging and informative, you can view the replay here:

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Do you have a high bounce rate on your landing pages? Identifying the conversion blocks on your website will allow you to increase the percentage of visitors who experience that all-important “aha moment” that will lead them to convert.

In this session, Kim Albee and Margaret Johnson show you how to create landing pages that will cause your audience to take action, and in turn, become a lead. They also walk you through a few ways to make sure your leads convert, and touch on how to lower the friction to get better results.

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Most marketers struggle when it comes to tracking lead interests, being seen as relevant, and converting their leads to customers. If this describes some of the challenges you are facing, then creating GREAT calls to action and landing pages will dramatically help you increase your results!

Our very own Kim Albee and Margaret Johnson have teamed up yet again to help SMB marketers grasp their second biggest boggle: creating enticing calls to action and landing pages that convert. Thanks to everyone for the participation and interest. We had another engaging webinar with a terrific turnout!

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Do you want to increase your prospect potential, build a more engaged list, and have a reason to reach out to people who come to your site? Well then building a GOOD attractor is the way to do it! With good attractors you can provide value to your audience, but most importantly you can SELL WITHOUT SELLING! How does that sound? Pretty good, right?

We had another great turnout, for this remarkable and engaging event. The questions were great, and Kim and Margaret took the time to provide some feedback not only for B2B marketers, but also for B2C as well as specific fields. Check out the video below for a replay of the webinar:

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Did you know that email has one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing tactic? But most people don’t have the metrics to allow them to capitalize on what’s important with email today: Metrics that go beyond the click. If you cannot get engagement, you won’t get results with email going forward – and 20% opens are not going to cut it.

In our most recent webinar, our President, Kim Albee, unveils the secrets to supercharging your ROI in email campaigns. Kim walks you through what’s possible when looking beyond the traditional metrics (opens, clicks, etc.) to guarantee relevance and results. Better yet, she shows you how to accomplish all of this with an army of 1.

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Beware of the Buyer Persona

Buyer Personas are in trouble. Most buyer personas focus on irrelevant details and end up missing the mark. Do yours include hobbies? Aspirations? Marital status? If so, your personas likely don’t provide the info you really need to influence the buying decisions. Think about it. What does any of that have to do with making a purchasing decision about your product? To be effective, your buyer personas need to provide insights about your target audience’s buying process.

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Do you ever feel like you’re talking about vanilla ice cream in a rainbow sherbet world? Do you wonder why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook when you’ve paid a consultant for expensive SEO tactics?

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Hit The Emotional Hot-Button With Your Content

Did you know there are only five core emotions? And that three of them are negative? All other emotions are combinations of these five core emotions. Understanding the “Emotionomics Matrix” will help you build your content strategy, and get better engagement.

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Use Content to Attract Customers

Did you know that EVERY decision that you make is due to emotions? Even if you consider yourself a logic-based decision-maker, it’s emotion that evokes action. To mask that emotional “choosing” (unconscious mostly), we follow up immediately with the logical reasons why our choice was the right way to go.

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If you understand the 1% rule – that 90% of your audience are “lurkers” – they consume but they don’t participate, then you can start to explore how you can make it “safe” for them to step out and participate.

Another terrific turnout for the second webinar in our series! Thanks to everyone for the participation and interest. Nick Kellet, who has done a lot of thinking around this subject, provided some terrific insights by way of “laws”.

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Digital Success Webinar

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Many marketers today suffer from chasing the shiny new object rather than dealing with the fundamentals. 60% of marketing automation implementations fail because they are not focusing on the key marketing practices that would ensure success.

This webinar will review the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and show you how a marketing strategy that includes automated processes can help make your marketing easier and more effective. We’ll briefly discuss the different stages of the buyers journey and give examples of how you can implement several touch points to keep them engaged and interested in your products or services.

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continuing education

The Future of Continuing Education Marketing

The competition is closing in on all sides, funding is drying up, and yet more adults than ever are looking for continuing education courses. How can CE marketing move into the future with confidence in this tumultuous landscape? Learn about the fundamentals of how to successfully move your CE marketing program into the future.

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How to achieve lead nurturing success

The 3 Roadblocks to Lead Nurturing Success

Lead nurturing is the process of staying in touch with leads, and providing relevant content based upon their interests that moves them through the buying cycle. It doesn't sound very hard. But there are three things that can either make or break the success of your programs. Knowing these can make all the difference in how you develop lead nurturing programs, and the results you achieve through them.

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Use What You Already Know

5 Ways To Use What You Already Know To Create Killer Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation is a top priority for most businesses, but it is also what businesses struggle with the most. On top of that, generating quality leads can be an even more time-consuming and frustrating process.

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Can Your Target Audience Find You?

Getting Ranked In Search Results for SMB's

Want to get found when people in your target audience are searching for what you offer? In order to compete, small and midsize businesses must get in the search engine optimization game.

This webinar, featuring SEO expert Mike Marshall, is designed to provide SMB marketers tips and techniques that will deliver results!

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Easy Social Media Marketing

How to Easily Manage Social Media Marketing for Campaigns

Explore how to make sense of the confusion about social media and learn how to choose what will work best for your company.

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Video Marketing

Incorporating Video Into Your Online Marketing & Social Strategies

Learn from Kim Albee, president of Genoo, how video is increasingly becoming a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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