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Why You Need a Strong Marketing Persona to Succeed
PersonaEvery successful marketing campaign starts with knowing your audience. You cannot craft a marketing project that reaches out to your chosen demographic and draws them in to your product or service without understanding who they are and why they buy. By creating a marketing persona you visualize the customer in a credible way and begin to understand not just who they are and why they buy, but also their pain points and, more importantly, how to relieve them. Find out how to increase sales by finding the right buyer.

Content Abundance = Attention Scarcity

The internet has changed the buying process for consumers and businesses alike. For decades, companies could control the information about their products and services, and spoon-feed it as necessary to potential customers. That reality has gone bye bye for good. Small and midsized organizations, traditionally completely Sales focused out of necessity, are getting whalloped as they struggle to redefine their