Creating Headlines That Work!

Did you know that headlines could make the difference between getting your emails read and having them ignored? And this problem isn’t only with email subject lines; it also applies to blog headlines, landing page headlines, as well as Facebook/Google ads, etc.

In our latest webinar, we unveil the secret behind captivating audiences with your headlines. This one-hour session proved to be engaging and informative, you can view the replay here:

What Converts? Building Landing Pages that Evoke Action

Do you have a high bounce rate on your landing pages? Identifying the conversion blocks on your website will allow you to increase the percentage of visitors who experience that all-important “aha moment” that will lead them to convert.

Action, Pages, and Bears - Oh My!

Most marketers struggle when it comes to tracking lead interests, being seen as relevant, and converting their leads to customers. If this describes some of the challenges you are facing, then creating GREAT calls to action and landing pages will dramatically help you increase your results!

Building Attractors That Wrangle Leads

Do you want to increase your prospect potential, build a more engaged list, and have a reason to reach out to people who come to your site? Well then building a GOOD attractor is the way to do it! With good attractors you can provide value to your audience, but most importantly you can SELL WITHOUT SELLING! How does that sound? Pretty good, right?

Supercharge Email ROI – More Than Best Practices

Did you know that email has one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing tactic?  But most people don’t have the metrics to allow them to capitalize on what’s important with email today:  Metrics that go beyond the click.  If you cannot get engagement, you won’t get results with email going forward – and 20% opens are not going to cut it.

Beware of the Buyer Persona

Buyer Personas are in trouble. Most buyer personas focus on irrelevant details and end up missing the mark. Do yours include hobbies? Aspirations? Marital status? If so, your personas likely don’t provide the info you really need to influence the buying decisions. Think about it. What does any of that have to do with making a purchasing decision about your product? To be effective, your buyer personas need to provide insights about your target audience’s buying process.

How Mismatches Could Be Torpedoing Your Marketing Efforts

Do you ever feel like you’re talking about vanilla ice cream in a rainbow sherbet world? Do you wonder why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook when you’ve paid a consultant for expensive SEO tactics?

Hit The Emotional Hot-Button With Your Content

Did you know there are only five core emotions? And that three of them are negative? All other emotions are combinations of these five core emotions. Understanding the “Emotionomics Matrix” will help you build your content strategy, and get better engagement.

Use Content to Attract Customers

Did you know that EVERY decision that you make is due to emotions? Even if you consider yourself a logic-based decision-maker, it’s emotion that evokes action. To mask that emotional “choosing” (unconscious mostly), we follow up immediately with the logical reasons why our choice was the right way to go.

How The InfoSnack Habit Leaves Your Brand Forgotten

Did you know 90% of mustard is left on the side of the plate? Today, if your content isn’t relevant, you could be left there too. In this webinar, we crack how people consume and snack on information so that your content will hit-the-mark and your brand won’t be forgotten.


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