Lead Generation

What's Wrong with That Website?

Is your website a catalyst for communication? A conversation-starter? An engagement engine for your business? Or is it simply a presentation of your business's qualifications, expertise,and knowledge. There's something fundamentally wrong with most websites, and we're drilling into that today. Read on...

Get the Full Benefits of Your Marketing Automation

One common misconception about marketing automation is that it’s basically a life-support system for scheduling and sending emails. We’ve been told that humans only use 10% of their brains, right? Similarly, most marketers only use 10% of their marketing automation capabilities. It’s actually mind-blowing how many ways marketing automation can be applied to your business.

Your Success Depends on a Strong Buyer Persona

The old adage, “Know your audience” is just as important today, especially if you need to create a successful marketing campaign. Understanding who your audience is and why they should buy from you is key to crafting a marketing strategy that connects your audience and draws them towards your product or service. 

The Real Disconnect Between Sales & Marketing

For years now, there has been much discussion about recognizing and overcoming the disconnect between Sales and Marketing. 

Embed Your Videos in Blog Post (and Don't Lose to the Cats)

If you have videos, you probably have a YouTube channel, and, following the path of least resistance (it's okay; we all do - until we know better), when you publish a new video, you're most likely linking straight to YouTube. Here's the thing: DON'T. Please don't. Read on to find out why... 

Distribute Content and Generate Leads

The idea of creating content and then re-purposing that content is not a new one, yet every time we talk about it, I have the feeling that people just think we're talking about more work with few rewards. Yes, it is extra work, but, oh my, the rewards can be overwhelming. Let me explain...

Turning Lurkers Into Leads

If you understand the 1% rule – that 90% of your audience are “lurkers” – they consume but they don’t participate, then you can start to explore how you can make it “safe” for them to step out and participate.

Stop Guessing and Start Engaging with Targeted Email Marketing

Comprehensive Email Tracking 150Information is everything in today’s marketing world.  Knowing where leads can be found and knowing what attracts eyes is key to the game.  The collection of measurable meaningful metrics as a path to gaining insight is essential for future marketing success.

The Six Commandments of Lead Generation

How do you effectively generate leads, then score and follow up with them in ways that help you identify whether they are a fit for your products and services, and whether they are actually interested in buying them?  This article explores 6 steps that help you be more effective.


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