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How To Create and Size Web-Optimized Graphics

Sourcing and creating web-optimized graphics is no longer limited to expensive desktop-based software that has a tough learning curve.  There are tools available "in the cloud" that make it easy for marketers without any training in Photoshop or Illustrator, to edit images and create what's needed.  This post shows how to create a cover image for us with content distribution to media platforms such as SoundCloud, Scribd, and others.

Optimize Your Video: YouTube Metadata Guidelines

We've created a list at and embedded it here - with the top tips we've been able to uncover about what you need to think about when uploading videos to YouTube so they are set up to get maximium exposure.  We also have links to a couple of other killer sources for building and optimizing your YouTube channel.

No Such Thing As Social Media?

What a great turnout for the webinar!  We’ve got the video here for you to watch the webinar replay, but we went a step further, and actually repurposed the webinar content to both our social networks AND to some of the Media platforms, and we created a List at (that you’ll see below – scroll down) that walks you right through how we did it, so you can implement it too.

Social Community Building or Email List Building: Which has higher value?

social media or email lists?As social media gets more mature as an industry, and brands have sunk big social media budgets into building presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ (not to mention the likes of YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram), the nature of how businesses will be able to engage on those platforms is shifting.   Your social channel strategy may need some major revisions.

Google Plus Authorship Impact SEO Rankings

Google Plus authorship influences search engine optimizationRecent research shows that having Google Plus Authorship set up and using it can impact search results in a big way.  If you don't have Google+ Authorship ... then get it set up for anyone posting articles to your blog, and build the authorship reputation.

Why Google+ Is Important For Your Online Marketing

Google+ is now the 2nd largest social network in the world.  Google is using it to help verify content authority, and it will have a big impact on getting ranked in search engines.  Some are saying those that don't get on board are destined for irrelevance.  We've outlined some very real reasons why you need a Google+ profile and business page to help your online marketing effectiveness.

Facebook Timeline For Brands

It used to be that Facebook's timeline feature was only available for personal accounts. Not so anymore! Timeline is now available for brands and is a great way to build brand awareness with your cover photo, ability to distinguish wall posts from one another, and enhanced editing features.

Genoo is on Google+! Should You Be, Too?

With so many social media platforms in the digital space, you might be thinking that adding another to the mix is unnecessary. But before you dismiss Google+, you may want to discover how it could benefit your business.


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