Deliver high-value information to leads, prospects and customers
Content is king. That’s true now more than ever. Having the online marketing tools that enable marketers to create, modify and publish the content necessary and most relevant to your target segments is critical.

Genoo provides content management tools with your microsites, landing pages, and email marketing. You save time and increase relevance when it's a simple process to reuse and refine your messaging over time.

Marketers can create and work with the content as necessary to tweak and modify campaigns, microsites, and landing pages.

With the costs of paid search campaigns rising, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to the relevance of the content you’re providing in lead nurturing and marketing endeavors. Search engine management activities may drive lead capture rates, but whether you keep their interest and they become a customer is up to how well your content addresses their high-priority needs.

You need to have your clicks work for you! Overall, search traffic is not increasing; search engine optimization is more necessary than ever to drive demand; you need to keep the eyeballs you capture once they give up their information to your organization. Without integrated online marketing tools that track activity and interest, keeping and nurturing their attention will be difficult to impossible.

A recent study done by Junta 42 and B2B Magazine, found that business marketers spend about 30% of their total marketing budget (2008) on the creation and execution of custom content. Of those marketers, 42% increased their spending on custom content in 2008.

The core of a credible lead nurturing program is getting your content—white papers, eBooks, other custom content and messaging—published and available. Having the ability to get content developed and published easily, without the lead times required by your IT group, is critical. Your content also needs to be published to a site where your email marketing can drive traffic with future content.

Imagine being able to create your content, upload your whitepapers, etc., and then being able to use them on different microsites and/or landing pages as necessary. What if your content management system made it possible to change an article once and have it reflected across every location where that article can be seen?

Genoo is a fully integrated online marketing toolset – and we’re putting those tools at your fingertips, putting your online marketing effectiveness in your hands – so you can get the results you need.