A conversation with Kim Albee, President of Genoo, and Vicki Kunkel, author of "Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success."

Creating content that consistently delivers can sometimes seem like a hit or miss endeavor.  It's a constant and never-ending activity to think about, brainstorm, and create the content for your marketing activities.  

Given how busy we are, we can often find ourselves just taking the easiest road.  We may not get the best results, but we figure out a way to get by.  

We totally understand the dilemma.  We also understand that IF you could get your arms around how people are attracted to some things and not others and why, you'd love nothing more than creating a blockbuster success with your marketing efforts. Well stay tuned!

This interview examines keys that can revolutionize your content marketing strategy:

  • why people align themselves with some brands and not others,
  • the reasons why we trust certain brands and websites more than others, and
  • how to use this knowledge to help improve your website and overall online marketing success.

Listen to the entire interview and understand all eight factors, how they can contribute to the creation of effective content, and start putting together content marketing strategies that not only elevate your internet marketing efforts, but captivates your visitors and catapults your results into the stratosphere!

Natural. Conversational.

People prefer websites that are simple, natural, and conversational.  Websites that are perfectly designed - with all the bells and whistles can appear "a little too slick" and seem kind of "fishy."  Vicki calls this, The Conspicuous Flaw Factor.  Flaws and imperfections make you more appealing, less threatening, and more relatable.  Effective content will create the 'dissonance' that interests and engages your audience.?

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Being Comfortable Is Key

Your ultimate goal should be to create a website where the visitors feel comfortable.  By using natural pictures and a conversational voice you can easily put visitors at ease.  Another way to make people comfortable is to tell personal stories and use agreeable statements.  Also remember that people are wired for "here and now" so speak in an active voice and use present tense.  Videos are another good way to make people feel comfortable because they show you're human - and if you make a mistake or seem a little nervous you will seem more relatable and appealing.

And that's just a single factor!  Based in science and research, these factors get at the heart of what has people respond either positively or negatively to your company, and its products and services.??

About Vicki:

Vicki Kunkel is an award winning social anthropologist, nationally recognized media expert, published author, entrepreneur and former news anchor who truly understands the concept of mass appeal.  Her recent book, "Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success" has received excellent reviews. 

This book reveals the surprising and proven reasons behind why people align with some brands and not others.  There are factors that are pretty much pre-programmed in our DNA - we like certain things instinctively and we instinctively dislike or repel other things. ??