Online marketing initiatives have a lot of moving parts. You need visibility into all of them in order to produce the results your company expects. If your leads’ response to emails is limited to clicks tracked in one system and you only have basic analytics to monitor website traffic, you’ll have a problem determining the effectiveness of past results or predicting the success of future campaigns.

Marketing is about creating and delivering communications that connect people with the products and services they need. That means more than knowing a lead downloaded one white paper and went on their way. You need comprehensive insight for multiple campaigns and the ability to accurately judge the difference between a lead who’s browsing and a lead who will become your buyer.

You also need to be in control of your marketing content and processes. Responding in real time is becoming a prevalent expectation of your leads. They don’t care if you have to wait on IT. If you don’t deliver on expectations, they’ll move on. The beauty—and the curse—of the Internet is the ease of the click.

Integrated online marketing tools rock because they enable you to see what your leads are doing, how they’re responding and make adjustments to content and communications on the fly.

What if your life as a marketer were this easy:

  • If product management moves up a product launch
    —no problem.
  • If your CEO decides to host a webinar with little lead time
    —no problem.
  • If upgrades go live—and no one told your customers
    —no problem.
  • If a trade show produces new leads who expect follow-up
    —no problem.
  • If management asks for the results of your last campaign
    —no problem.
  • If an analyst features you in a report you want to promote
    —no problem.

And...that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Marketing is a service to the business and to its present and future customers. With Genoo, you’ve got the online marketing tools that empower marketers to handle whatever comes at them, not to mention putting their own plans into action with minimal effort expended on logistics.

When everything works together…marketing rocks!