Search engine optimization teamed up with a smart lead capture process provide the makings for an effective demand generation engine. Genoo helps you capitalize on the ability to build awareness through search engine optimization and invite interested leads to interact so you learn what they need.

Demand facilitation is a two-step process. First, you need to get found. Once found, you need to know what matters to your leads.

1. Building Awareness:
Get Found with Search Engine Optimization

Research suggests that people find you rather than the other way around. Eighty percent of customers asked said they found their vendors. Once you have relevant microsites and content, you need the ability to easily impact how they're optimized for the terms and phrases used by your potential buyers.

It's commonly the case that search engine optimization for most online marketing initiatives requires help from your IT staff to change the keyword or description meta tags, alter your page title, determine the page URL, or even alter the copy on your web page. Not anymore.

With Genoo, you have the ability to easily implement your own search engine optimization strategies. As easily as managing the content on your pages, you have the tools to make the changes to each of the items useful for search engine optimization. And, if you update or change your content or the keywords your prospects are using change, the tools make it simple for you to stay in step with your leads' interests.

Go on...what are you waiting for?

2. Interaction: 
Entice Leads to Identify Themselves and Specify Interest

Now that you've been found by leads, you need to know more about them. But, in case you already know who they are, you need a system that handles the issues of duplicate leads, but saves new interest indicators. Otherwise, your database becomes invalid—full of multiple records for the same contact requiring a huge effort in reconciliation. That just isn't helpful and it wastes your time.

Additionally, you need a tool that helps you create different lead capture forms, with the specific fields you want, including the ability to add custom fields with selection options. This way you can progressively learn more about your leads as you build trust. Plus, you'll reduce your form abandonment rate.

But asking as your value grows is acceptable. Once you've determined your strategy for learning about interests, Genoo gives you the ability to easily deploy your forms within the specified microsite and on the appropriate pages.

Genoo ensures that duplicate leads are not created. What you get is rich tracking information that just keeps augmenting the lead’s information, building intelligence for your lead nurturing efforts