Smart Lead Nurturing Creates Connections

According to recent research by the CMO Council, 51% of CMOs say they have fair or little knowledge of the customer. They go on to say, “there is a fundamental need for organizations to be more effective at harnessing, applying and leveraging valuable customer data. Going forward, investing in integrated systems that harvest customer insight is essential to optimizing marketing and business performance.”

Nurturing leads is critical for companies with a complex sale. Traditional techniques can be frustrating when they result in a 2-3 percent response. What you need is the intelligence about your leads to direct your them to high-value, focused information that helps them solve urgent priorities—and considerably ups your response rates.

The secret of lead nurturing is in leveraging the tools that enable you to be smart about how you do it. This means providing your leads with consistent and continuous exposure to educational and expertise and information they want. Once you know that, you can generate improved response and cultivate your leads based on expressed interests. The easiest way to get these insights about your online marketing is by leveraging technology.

This doesn’t have to mean a cumbersome and costly IT project. That’s why Genoo was created. Let’s face facts. Gaining control of your marketing process by having the tools you need at your fingertips is a compelling concept.

Well, now it’s a reality.

Consider the following scenario:

You build a microsite with content that focuses on an issue your buyers are grappling to solve.

You create and launch a marketing campaign to expose them to that high-value information.

You send an email to your lead database.

You can immediately see who’s responding and who’s not.

You know about additional resources they access aside from the link in the email. This helps you gauge interest levels.

You use the dynamic list management to segment the list of responders from the overall database.

Then, you send another targeted message that exposes follow-on information they may be interested in based on their response to the last communication.

Send a different message to the non-responders to see if you can get their attention with a different focus.

Use the gathered intelligence to consistently provide further content to those expressing high interest.

Increasing relevance with each email, you continue to interact with the leads who express interest, monitoring their response levels to ensure your continued relevance.

As leads raise their hands for sales conversations, you pass them on to your sales team.

That’s an example of smart nurturing
...and it’s possible with Genoo.