Google+ is now the second largest social network after Facebook.  Most of us now have a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter account, and possibly a Pinterest account.  And now Google+!

But, there are very real reasons why you need a Google+ profile and business page to help your online marketing effectiveness.  Here are a few:
1. google plus banner   Google is the dominant search engine and they are very busy integrating Google+ profiles and business pages with websites and giving preference in search results to those sites that have been "verified".   That alone might be a reason, if you are interested in doing whatever could be helpful to rank better for the search keywords you are interested in ranking for.
Google is interested in providing users with the best and most relevant search results available -- and to that end, if they can verify that an organization is "real", this is one of the ways they are gauging that.
2.  When you have a Google+ business page and it's tied to your website, the +1's that you get either on your website or on your Google+ business page all get grouped together -- so in essence, your Google+ business page presence can help elevate the "+1" popularity seen by Google.  This is also a big help in having your site appear popular and gain visibility.
3.  There is a lot of duplicate content on the web.  If you use Google+ and build your "authorship" (another topic that we'll cover in a different post, but it requires a Google+ profile) with Google, when it understands that you are the author for the content (which is tracks), then no matter who might copy it and put it on another site, YOU will always get the credit as the originator of that content.
In 2013, having a Google+ presence is no longer optional if you are serious about getting found in search results and creating more presence and traffic online.
To help you get your arms around Google+, we've found a blog that has some terrific articles on Google+ and how to get your business pages set up.  
In addition, Genoo's new blogging platform for marketers automatically will include Google Authorship for your posts and blog.  All you need is your profile URL, and we'll take care of the rest!
What are you doing with Google+?  Let us know how you are using it, and what questions or experiences you're having.