When it comes to SEO, we pay attention and pass along good information that has been tested and can help our customers in the ongoing challenge of getting pages ranked in search results.

Google Plus Authorship invfluences search engine optimizationWhen I asked some of my SEO expert friends about this, the response was, “if they want to show up in search results, they should have [Google+ Authorship].  If they don’t mind not having traffic, then LinkedIn and Twitter it is!”

If you don’t have Google Plus Authorship set up, then you should get this in place for all authors of your blog (and it cannot be a company, it must be individuals).  It’s not just having a Google Plus account – but having your authorship set up and building a reputation with it is something that can impact your search engine rankings.

A lot is moving to social signals and even Yahoo! is paying attention to Google+ postings.

So if you think that Google+ is secondary to your SEO efforts – it’s not.  It’s becoming more and more critical.  Just read the evidence in the research that Jeff Sauer did.  Then make sure you’ve got a Google Plus account and start building your authorship reputation.