Does your sales team know each individual lead who clicked through an email of yours?  Do you know the full history of that lead’s interest with your company?  What would be gained if you did have easy access to this information?  How many more sales opportunities could be capitalized on?

Go Beyond the Click with Genoo 350As the influence new media has on our society continues to grow, deciphering purchase behavior and properly analyzing the data collected online is essential for future success.  Consider the findings from SolveMedia’s 2013 (Q3) Quarterly Bot Traffic Report; Fifty-one percent of all web traffic in the United States is considered ‘fraudulent,’ the first time this was measured as the majority of web traffic.  

So what does this mean? While it is true that getting your business “out there” is much easier and cheaper today using technology, utilizing these tools to make an actual sales impact is much more difficult.  If you aren’t currently tracking individual lead interests, you missing out on many potential sale opportunities.  Comprehensive lead management is key!

Is your email service provider pulling its weight?

Let’s walk through a basic example of how you could be better utilizing every component of your marketing efforts while quantifying and learning from the results.  Email service providers typically provide basic statistics including open rate, click-through rate, and bounce rate.  What insight does this data actually provide?  What does this information actually mean to your business?  After clicking from the email, where on your website did the individual visit?  Did they download or purchase anything?  Are these questions you can even answer?  If not, you need a different email marketing solution! 

Consider this same email but instead executed with Genoo.  Your mailing list is actually a lead database rather than separate distinct “lists.”  That means no duplicates, dynamic sending capabilities, and a new goldmine of tracking for your results.  All your online marketing campaigns would be designed to track lead interests and activities through a single platform, allowing your sales team to learn about specific interests of each lead.  On top of all this, you can integrate triggers that initiate automated nurturing sequences that will connect the right message with the right audience. Check out this case study that features a Genoo customer describing their experience working with Genoo to easily implement an effective nurturing sequence.  Allow Genoo to work for you to collect the information necessary to build a marketing plan for future success.

Go Beyond the Click!

What would access to this information do for your sales efforts?  Would you be able to get more out of every single sales call with advanced knowledge of individual lead interests? 

The answer is absolutely.  Working with Genoo you have all the tools necessary to move your email campaigns “beyond the click.”  Through advanced metrics and insight, you can develop “true” engagement with your audience.  You will develop better content that will resonate with your audience.  Campaigns will be executed more efficiently through analyzing previous success and failures and automating responses when possible.  With the right tools in place, your marketing opportunities are endless.


Solve Media - "Fraudulent Web Traffic Tips the Scale in the United States"