What a great turnout for the webinar!  We’ve got the video here for you to watch the webinar replay, but we went a step further, and actually repurposed the webinar content to both our social networks AND to some of the Media platforms, and we created a List at List.ly (that you’ll see below – scroll down) that walks you right through how we did it, so you can implement it too.

Nick did a great job of distinguishing that social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+) are PEOPLE centric, and content revolves around People.  Then there are Media Platforms (YouTube, SoundCloud, Scribd, Flickr, List.ly, etc), and these are CONTENT centric. People revolve around the content.

On social networks, the content is “feed” based — and it doesn’t last long.  It’s more ‘right now’ – in the moment.  If you want to find something over time, you have to know the PERSON who posted it and look on their page specifically to try and find it.

On media platforms, the content is subject-matter based, and the content lives over time.  People search for what they are interested in, and find the content that solves their question, issue, problem, or interest.  Nick further outlined that media platforms allow your content to be found (and hence, you to be found).  It’s an opportunity on a number of fronts to expand your content footprint beyond your website and blog, and also start to share and extend the content of others through embedding and CURATING that content for your visitors.

As a note, we had a really great question that I’m sure a lot of you also have:  If I embed content onto my blog or pages, or lists, then what?  Doesn’t that just benefit the author of that content?  In a word, yes it does benefit them.  But it’s not that you just embed the content, it’s that you add your perspective and FRAME the content and why it’s important or interesting, etc. for YOUR audience.  Doing that adds your authority on the subject.  It builds your reputation without having you assemble and build all of your own exclusive content, and can be super effective (and a great time savings also).

The other things I LOVED is that getting your content out there on these platforms is an exploration.  You don’t need to engage with all of the channels, but rather select your channel and focus.  Get to know that channel.  Be prolific.  Play, explore, and discover how that channel works and how you can have it be effective.  It’s not a “once and done” exploration, but rather a commitment to ongoing participation with a commitment to figure it out and participate on that channel.

I invite you to check out the list below (created on List.ly), and clicking through and seeing how we implemented these ideas with the content for this webinar.  Of course we’d love your comments and your likes and follows on these different media platform channels that we explored.