All the usual clichés come to mind when thinking about how marketing automation can be the antidote your business needs for lagging content engagement: game changer, miracle cure, magic bullet – but clichés can sometimes be accurate. Numbers like a 53% higher conversion rate can keep small- and medium-sized businesses on a path to long-term success.

Content marketing automation software can help SMB marketers get customers’ attention in a world where most people are drowning in content. Ever hear the adage about cable TV – 100 channels and still nothing on? Even with Hulu & Netflix these days, sometimes there’s still nothing on. Marketing automation, when used properly, helps you find and keep your perfect potential customers ENGAGED with you, even if they're not ready to buy right away. That’s a game changer.

The right marketing automation software actually can enhance the relationship you have with your customers by providing timely, relevant content that speaks DIRECTLY to their pain points. The outcome? A transformational shift for your business thanks to your own magic bullet.

Content marketing automation can be as simple as scheduling a social media post and as precise as list segmentation, lead scoring, and email triggering. You can start out small, while still thinking big. Or you can think big right away.

Automation Feeds Relevant Content 24/7 

Consumers spend over 17 hours a week and searching for reading content online. Consumer demand for content has never been higher! Plus, the competition for content supremacy has become more and more complex. This means you must create a sound strategy that will place your content on the top of your consumers’ mind. 

Here is where automation can save you loads time and money. Traditionally, you’d spend hours creating content to satisfy your audience’s demand – but wouldn’t know if they liked the content you're serving.

Automation helps you put personalized content in front of them at the exact time they're hungry for it. Satisfy the crave. 

Automation Strengthens Engagement 

Consumers who receive non-personalized content will unsubscribe, never to return, or simply ignore your emails completely (which can be WORSE than unsubscribing). Marketing automation allows you to send tailored messages specific to your leads' behaviors and interests. For example, automating email sequences will nurture your leads throughout their buying journey by triggering specific emails tailored to those interests and behaviors. 

Stop batching and blasting the same content to every Tom, Dick, and Mary. Automation allows you to go narrow and deep, rather than wide and shallow.  And your leads will love you and reward you with their engagement and trust.

Become a Lead Generation Master

Automation helps you become that lead generation master. It allows you to take control of nurturing leads by tailoring content based on their specific interests and behaviors as well as where they're at in the buying process. Using automation tools to manage, segment, and score leads adds an unparalleled value to your company.

By automating content marketing, you're providing value to your leads  that they'll respond to, because you understand who they are and what drives them, and you can help them fix it — leading to a reciprocal relationship that shows them that working with you makes a difference in their success. 

Content marketing eliminates the guesswork by adding science to drive strategy.

By having a sound marketing automation strategy, you can reach targeted consumers with personalized messages and separate your brand from your competition by meeting the growing demand for content. 

*Source: Aberdeen Group