Lead Nurturing

New Lead - Yeah! Now What?

Getting a new lead is cause for celebration. Maybe this person will become a customer! Yes! Or... maybe they won't. What do you do with new leads? How do you treat them? How do you ENGAGE them? What is your best next step? Keep reading, and let me give you some ideas.

Personal Emails or Performing Emails - Pick TWO

How we write emails has a huge impact on the performance of our emails. Our best results come from when we write as though we are writing to one person, even though we're delivering that email to many people. Bonus - personal emails are so much easier to write! As one of our customers has said, "it feels like I am writing to a friend." But... it's more than the content. Read on. 

Get the Full Benefits of Your Marketing Automation

One common misconception about marketing automation is that it’s basically a life-support system for scheduling and sending emails. We’ve been told that humans only use 10% of their brains, right? Similarly, most marketers only use 10% of their marketing automation capabilities. It’s actually mind-blowing how many ways marketing automation can be applied to your business.

Your Success Depends on a Strong Buyer Persona

The old adage, “Know your audience” is just as important today, especially if you need to create a successful marketing campaign. Understanding who your audience is and why they should buy from you is key to crafting a marketing strategy that connects your audience and draws them towards your product or service. 

How Emails Can Fail to Connect with Your Audience – We Break it Down

Have you ever wondered why some of your emails go into the Promotions or Clutter folders? Or why your emails don’t seem to be read in general? You’ve read numerous email deliverability blogs on the topic, and perhaps you still can’t figure it out.

We see it on a regular basis - the same frustrating situation of email deliverability. 

Relevance, not “Batch and Blast,” is the Key to Better Email Strategy

If you want to triple your email results without jeopardizing your list, I’ve got a strategy to share with you. I know this works, because we do it ourselves; we send more emails and get fewer opt-outs while increasing our sender reputation. I am convinced that you can get the same results with our method, and I’ll explain why.

Stop Using Demographics to Segment Your Leads

Segmentation is one of the most effective ways to engage your leads. But how you segment makes a big difference in how much time you spend creating content for your leads, as well as in the outcome of your efforts. 

Embed Your Videos in Blog Post (and Don't Lose to the Cats)

If you have videos, you probably have a YouTube channel, and, following the path of least resistance (it's okay; we all do - until we know better), when you publish a new video, you're most likely linking straight to YouTube. Here's the thing: DON'T. Please don't. Read on to find out why... 

Behavioral Segmentation is Essential for Successful Email Marketing

Success of email segmenting small imageAccording to Experian’s 2012 Benchmark and Trend Report, despite the fact that targeted email messages receive a 40% increase in open rates, 80% of marketers are still sending the same message to their entire mailing list.  To us here at Genoo, this seems crazy.  If you are sending emails to more than 3 people, you can assume your subscribers are not all motivated by the same message.  Follow along as we walk through an example of improving your email marketing through segmentation.

What device accounts for most email opens?

From an email perspective, mobile cannot be denied.  More and more people are opening and engaging with email from their mobile devices.  A recent article in Direct Marketing News reveals results of a study that shows in the mobile realm, iPhone accounts for 38% of email opens, while Android, with a far larger user base, only accounts for 9.3% of opens.  What does this mean for the way we design emails?


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