No Such Thing As Social Media?

What a great turnout for the webinar!  We’ve got the video here for you to watch the webinar replay, but we went a step further, and actually repurposed the webinar content to both our social networks AND to some of the Media platforms, and we created a List at (that you’ll see below – scroll down) that walks you right through how we did it, so you can implement it too.

Turning Lurkers Into Leads

If you understand the 1% rule – that 90% of your audience are “lurkers” – they consume but they don’t participate, then you can start to explore how you can make it “safe” for them to step out and participate.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for Automation Success

Many marketers today suffer from chasing the shiny new object rather than dealing with the fundamentals. 60% of marketing automation implementations fail because they are not focusing on the key marketing practices that would ensure success.

This webinar will review the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and show you how a marketing strategy that includes automated processes can help make your marketing easier and more effective. We’ll briefly discuss the different stages of the buyers journey and give examples of how you can implement several touch points to keep them engaged and interested in your products or services.

Why You Need a Strong Marketing Persona to Succeed

Persona -Do you know who they are?Every successful marketing campaign starts with knowing your audience. You cannot craft a marketing project that reaches out to your chosen demographic and draws them in to your product or service without understanding who they are and why they buy. By creating a marketing persona you visualize the customer in a credible way and begin to understand not just who they are and why they buy, but also their pain points and, more importantly, how to relieve them. Find out how to increase sales by finding the right buyer.

Social Community Building or Email List Building: Which has higher value?

social media or email lists?As social media gets more mature as an industry, and brands have sunk big social media budgets into building presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ (not to mention the likes of YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram), the nature of how businesses will be able to engage on those platforms is shifting.   Your social channel strategy may need some major revisions.

Q&A: Online Marketing That Grows Your CE Business (Tips, Tricks, and Strategies)

CE Organizations must grow their registrations.  But the effectiveness of email marketing with broad one-size-fits-all emails isn't getting the results it once did.  Watch the wbinar and browse through the Q&A that couldn't get completed during the live webinar.

Factors to Ensure Email Open Success

Stay Out of SPAM Email ThumnailThis blog post discusses the factors that most effect your marketing email success.  Learn more about the factors you can control to improve your email marketing including subject line messaging, subject line characters and strucutre,along with images and attachments.

Stop Guessing and Start Engaging with Targeted Email Marketing

Comprehensive Email Tracking 150Information is everything in today’s marketing world.  Knowing where leads can be found and knowing what attracts eyes is key to the game.  The collection of measurable meaningful metrics as a path to gaining insight is essential for future marketing success.

Behavioral Segmentation is Essential for Successful Email Marketing

Success of email segmenting small imageAccording to Experian’s 2012 Benchmark and Trend Report, despite the fact that targeted email messages receive a 40% increase in open rates, 80% of marketers are still sending the same message to their entire mailing list.  To us here at Genoo, this seems crazy.  If you are sending emails to more than 3 people, you can assume your subscribers are not all motivated by the same message.  Follow along as we walk through an example of improving your email marketing through segmentation.

5 Keys to Drive Your Online Marketing in 2014

Map Out Your Marketing PlanNow that 2014 has arrived, so have all the year-end lists that discuss “best of 2013” alongside predicting for next year.  With so many lists out there analyzing industry secrets and ‘must know’ marketing tips, we have sifted through more than 20 lists and simplified the findings into the 5 most commonly discussed themes.  While there are many ways to improve your marketing not mentioned in this article, these are a few that many experts are specifically highlighting.  Take a look!


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