You See Your House from Space, So How Many Blog Subscribers Do You Have?

“Subscribe to our blog” is the most common call to action (CTA) on WordPress websites, and one of the lowest-performing CTAs you can have on your site. You will, however, get blog subscribers, and, if you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably have a fair number of subscribers.

Why Segment Your Leads When They’ll Do It Themselves?

Segment your lead list. We hear it, and we read it, all over the web. I’m betting that 8 out of 10 marketing consultants have told their customers that they need to segment their leads in order to be…. oh, words like “relevant” and “responsive” come to mind here. So, like dutiful advice-followers, marketers attempt to segment their leads – putting different people into different buckets to get different emails based on what the marketer perceives the leads’ interests to be

A Benchmark Study Illustrating the Perils of Most Marketing Advice

The “2015 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study” has been published by the nice people over at DemandGen, their second annual report. Here are some of the “main findings” of that report, in one perilous paragraph:

Don’t Be Seduced by Your Open Rates

Cue the bugles! Release the balloons! Break out the champagne! The open rate on your latest email is at 40% and still climbing! Ever have one of those days? How could anything go more perfectly? I mean, you crafted an elegant and enticing email. It’s gorgeous – and look, so many people are opening it! It’s perfect and wonderful, and your business is going to skyrocket as a result! Yay you!

Creating Headlines That Work!

Did you know that headlines could make the difference between getting your emails read and having them ignored? And this problem isn’t only with email subject lines; it also applies to blog headlines, landing page headlines, as well as Facebook/Google ads, etc.

In our latest webinar, we unveil the secret behind captivating audiences with your headlines. This one-hour session proved to be engaging and informative, you can view the replay here:

What Converts? Building Landing Pages that Evoke Action

Do you have a high bounce rate on your landing pages? Identifying the conversion blocks on your website will allow you to increase the percentage of visitors who experience that all-important “aha moment” that will lead them to convert.

Action, Pages, and Bears - Oh My!

Most marketers struggle when it comes to tracking lead interests, being seen as relevant, and converting their leads to customers. If this describes some of the challenges you are facing, then creating GREAT calls to action and landing pages will dramatically help you increase your results!

Embed Your Videos in Blog Post (and Don't Lose to the Cats)

If you have videos, you probably have a YouTube channel, and, following the path of least resistance (it's okay; we all do - until we know better), when you publish a new video, you're most likely linking straight to YouTube. Here's the thing: DON'T. Please don't. Read on to find out why... 

Building Attractors That Wrangle Leads

Do you want to increase your prospect potential, build a more engaged list, and have a reason to reach out to people who come to your site? Well then building a GOOD attractor is the way to do it! With good attractors you can provide value to your audience, but most importantly you can SELL WITHOUT SELLING! How does that sound? Pretty good, right?

Distribute Content and Generate Leads

The idea of creating content and then re-purposing that content is not a new one, yet every time we talk about it, I have the feeling that people just think we're talking about more work with few rewards. Yes, it is extra work, but, oh my, the rewards can be overwhelming. Let me explain...


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