How To Map Content To The Buying Process

Genoo's President Kim Albee interviews author Ardath Albee, author of eMarketing Strategies For The Complex Sale.  If you have a considered sales process, you want to listen to this interview. Explore how to develop a content strategy on a tight budget.  Understanding our target audience and their buying process allows us to map specific types of content into our marketing efforts. 

How can a blog or microsite help your marketing efforts?

What is the best way for you to promote content with your target segment - is it a blog or a microsite?  Learn how they are different from one another and how to use them to help you generate more leads and build relationships.

In this interview with Ardath Albee, author of eMarketing Strategies For The Complex Sale, we explore how to get your content in front of your target audience.

Don't Forget To Listen!

Do you know how to properly listen to what your prospects are saying?  Learn how to listen to improve the relevancy of your content.  Better listening skills can help make creating content easier. With all the talk about content and getting it in front of your target audience, many times we fail to listen to what our leads are telling us with their actions, and then incorporate that into our content strategy and lead nurturing efforts.  In this interview, we explore how to utilize social networking and other sites so you can get inside your target audience' head, and understand what content will hit the mark best.

Bridging the Gap with Social Media Marketing

Explore how to effectively use Social Media Marketing to create more leads and to engage your leads.  Social Media can not be ignored.  This interview explores how you can start out with social media, and begin to use it in your marketing strategy.

Kim Albee and Bernie Borges, author of "Marketing 2.0 Bridging the Gap in Social Media Marketing" discuss the benefits and pitfalls of participating in the social sphere.

What Do You Stand For? Finding Your Content Voice.

Learn how to build a content strategy that delivers results.  That includes finding your "authentic" voice and tone for your marketing content.  

Kim Albee and Joe Pulizzi have a fun conversation that can help you nail a content strategy.


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